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Horseshoe Bend Ranch Hay:
We are sold out of our 2012 crop. Our new crop will start coming in in late June

Kids have no trouble moving our hay! Growing and harvesting hay is a major activity at Horseshoe Bend Ranch. Our hay is all baled in small, lightweight, "easy-lift" bales. Our bales are only 32" long and weigh around 40 pounds each. Why do we bale such small bales? Because eventually YOU will have to lift it! Grain at the feed store is no longer sold in 100 pound bags. It is no longer sold in 80 pound bags. In fact, even 50 pound bags are beginning to go away as 40 pound bags get more common. So why should you have to buy hay in 100 pound (or heavier) bales that you can barely move around?

We grow several types of hay including Alfalfa, grass alfalfa, straw and two different varieties of grass. Smooth Brome is our most popular grass hay. It has broad leaves similar to Orchard Grass, and is a favorite of horses. We also have Intermediate Wheat Grass hay. This hay is courser and good for easy-keeper horses and other animals.

Fertilizing our hay early in the season. Our hay is fertilized with Organic fish fertilizers. However, our hay is not certified Organic. We manage weeds and insects wholistically using management techniques best suited to the problem which will have the least undesireable side effects. We occasionally spray our alfalfa to control insects and use herbacides to control weeds, in additional to using controlled grazing, rotating crops and manual weed management.

We have a field that is coming out of CRP soon and will be hayed in 2014 and 2015. This grass and grass/alfalfa hay will certify organic. If you have an organic operation, Contact us now to reserve organic hay from this field.

Our hay is baled when dry and is mold free. It is stored under cover to remain in excellent condition until you purchase it and take it home. We have hay delivery available locally for a nomial charge, or we can help you load the hay at our ranch. If you have an 8' wide flatbed we can load by machine, otherwise we will need to hand load - but that isn't hard with our lightweight bales!

Our prices are competitive and vary depending on market rate - contact us for details.

Loading hay in the field.  The Hay Barn

Don't let this happen to you!
Don't let this happen to you!

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