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Ranch Beef:

Some of the farmer's herd Click here for information on reserving beef for this fall or spring!

As a ranch, of course we have beef! During the spring when there is lots of grass growing we have another rancher run a portion his Angus cow/calf beef herd through our pastures. We rotate them through so they only spend a few days at most on any given pasture. This lets the grass get eaten down well, and then gives the pasture a whole year to recover again for the next growing season. Pastures that are hit early in the year sometimes get grazed again later in the year. Most years at least one pasture gets rested completely from grazing.

The idea is to a graze a pasture at a different time each year. Different grasses grow at different times of the year, and if you graze your pasture differently each year the same grasses are not hit every year during their critical times. The Angus cattle move on again in mid-june.

But there are some cattle that stay at the Ranch year round and those are available for your dining table! We raise Jersey steers for locker beef. Jerseys are a small breed that is very tasty. We sell beef by the 1/2 or 1/4 cow. We charge by the pound, hanging weight. Our small Jerseys usually weigh between 200 and 250 pounds hanging weight per half, and that butchers out into around 100 to 140 pounds of meat depending on how it is cut. For 1/4 beefs, cutting is done to our specs with 1# burger chubs, steaks 3/4" thick, 2 per package, and roasts at 3 to 4 pounds. For 1/2 beefs, cut and wrap is to your specifications.

One of our Jersey steers in the pasture. Our steers are fed a very healthy diet of grass and hay, right through finishing. The result is healthy, lean and flavorful beef that you know was raised right. We do not supplement with grain.

Are we "organic"? No, not certified organic. We believe that you should treat your animals and land in the way that is best for the health of the animal and the long term sustainability of the land. The Organic Certification process, we believe, restricts your ability to do this. A sick cow should be medicated with antibiotics so it can quickly get healthy and live without suffering. You cannot do this with Certified Organics. Pastures and fields need to be managed to remove harmful weeds and occasionally invasive insects. We have found that we cannot adequately manage our pastures using only Organic pasture managment methods.

So although we are not "Organic" we are very definately healthy and you can see for yourselves that your beef has lived the best life possible eating the best feed available and has never had to suffer.

Reserve some of our beef for yourself!
We will have several of our grass fed steers ready to go this spring (2015). The price will be $2.50 per pound hanging weight for a half, plus cut and wrap, or $3.15 per pound (including cut and wrap) for a quarter of a steer. We expect a half to weight about 200 to 250 pounds this spring. We guarantee that it wonít be more than 250 pounds, or you wonít have to pay for the extra above that. So the most you will pay for a half is $625.00 if your half weighs 250 pounds or more, plus cut & wrap.

The butcher of your choice will charge around 50 to 60 cents a pound to cut and wrap your beef. Your butcher will ask about how you want it cut Ė how thick for steaks, how big for hamburger packages, what size for roasts, do you want special cuts, etc. You will pay your butcher directly when you pick up your beef, unless you are getting a quarter and cut & wrap is included. Depending on how many bones are in your cuts, you should expect about 2 apple boxes (volume wise) of finished beef. We usually use Riverís Edge Meats in The Dalles or Mayer's Meats in Vancouver, but your beef can be delivered as far as Portland or Vancouver to the butcher of your choice.

We are now taking reservations for beef that will be ready to pick up in May 2015. Your $100 deposit will reserve your half, and the remainder will be due after slaughter. Book now to reserve your space and schedule cutting and wrapping with a butcher.

To reserve your beef, contact us today! It should be ready to pick up sometime in May. We may have some beef available in the fall, but we are focusing on more in the spring at this time.

In the corral looking for some winter hay.

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