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My father-in-law asked me last year if I could build him a cool Lego train to go around his Christmas tree. So I did. It is an American 4-4-0, based on various photos and models I have seen. And I had to add some train cars to it too, to make it extra cool.

And since it turned into such a big project, I did a production run of 10 additional, (numbered 101-110) which are for sale - email me. Sets numbers 102-105 and 107-109 are still available as of January 6th. It was a pretty fun project, and I am very pleased with this functional, attractive and durable train. Hopefully the inlaws will be too, come Christmas.

The train is a Horseshoe Bend Rail Road 4-4-0 American steam engine with tender, boxcar, hopper car, passenger car and caboose. It is fairly typical of a late 19th century train serving a branch line, with a mixed freight and passenger consist, except I didn't do a mail car. Horseshoe Bend Rail Road is my own invention - I live on Horseshoe Bend Road, near the now defunct (ghost town) of Horseshoe Bend, which is on Horseshoe Bend Ranch, across the street from me. The tracks never made it to Horseshoe Bend, thus the death of the town I suppose (though there are a lot of other nearby map-dot ghost towns that the tracks did go though). The "Circle JC" logo of the train is the brand of Horseshoe Bend Ranch. The JC of the logo stands for Jesus Christ, so it is a great reminder on a Christmas train!

Some of the features include:

Enjoy the model! Buy one for you, and for your inlaws! And if you have any questions please email me at

Here is the train all stretched out.
Here is the inside of the box. The bottom layer stuff is set out on the lid of the box.
Here is a front view of the engine and tender.
Here is a rear view of the engine and tender.
Here is the Box Car.
Here is the Gondola
Here is the Passenger Car.
Here is the Caboose.
Here are the people.
Merry Christmas!

I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas Train! Be sure to check out my Roller Coaster and other creations.

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