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This is a bus I built in 2001, mostly as a good new use for the new bulk train window and door packs. I like how it turned out, and am planning to do a similar model motorized some day.

This bus wasn't inspired by any particular prototype, but it has the feel of many modern city busses. I designed to to be low to the curb for easy access and to have a smaller overall feel than a big Greyhound type bus. This bus features seating for 6 passengers plus driver and standing room, front and rear doors, fare box, rear engine diesel design, bus number display, roof vents and roof air conditioner. The advertising placards on the side are for Lugnet on the left and Brickset on the right. They and the pinstripes on the doors are the only stickers. It is all standard construction except for the front window which is SNOT, stud forward. The only rare parts are the painted number bricks and the painted round movie reel tile on the AC unit.

This bus made its public debut at the Great American Train Show in Portland, Oregon in 2001 with PNLTC. It showed at Legoland in August 2001 with PNLTC, and has been in a couple of other PNLTC venues. These photos are all from a simple street scene I set up at home as a backdrop.

The bus being loaded and unloaded. Passengers may load or unload at either the front or back door depending on the payment situation. There is only a fare box in front. In this photo passengers are paying as they get on the bus in the front. They could leave by either door, as the lady in the cowboy hat is leaving from the back door.
Here is a view of passengers loading at the front of the bus. Note stud forward construction of the front of the bus, bus number 53.
This is the other side of the bus, the no-door side. There is room for a long advertising placard.
A good view of the rear of the bus with the louvered engine vents.
The top of the bus with grey air vents and a white air conditioning unit.
The front of the bus. The friendly driver (based on my cousin John who is a bus driver) is eager to provide help and give you a transfer ticket if you need.
The front of the bus with the front window panel removed. The fare box is to the left, then the gear shift and steering wheel.
Looking in the top of the bus with the top removed. It is about 28 studs long by 6 studs wide - a good scale against a classic Lego car.
Looking to the front of the bus with the top removed. The fare box is visible in the front right. There is a windowed partition right behind the driver so passengers can't disturb him too much while the bus is in motion.
And looking to the back of the bus - that is a security officer standing, moving to the weird guy in the back of the bus wrapped in an old blanket and a funky hat. There is one of them on every bus!

I hope you have enjoyed the Bus! Be sure to check out my Other Creations.

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