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L.I.F.E. Home School Co-op

Learning In a Family Environment


Class Descriptions 2013-2014


Session I         9:20-10:10 AM

Session I Nursery

Mrs. Murray

Fee: None

Ages: up through pre-school or older student interested in childcare

If you are an older student who would like experience taking care of younger ones, Mrs. Murray will be offering instruction in this area.



Mrs. Patton

Fee: $5

Ages: K-2nd

Discovering sound, weather, gratitude, hibernation, storytelling, worms, and gardening.



Mrs. Patty Cooper

Fee: None

Ages: 1st-6th (requires ability to focus and follow directions)

Zumba Fitness is high-energy fitness, set to Latin/Salsa-type music.  The Zumba classes boost metabolism and enhance coordination.  The class participants always have fun, and come out of the class with big smiles, eager for the next session!  The only thing needed for the class is that they wear sturdy shoes (tennis or athletic shoes), loose clothing, or leggings, and bring water.



Mrs. Kindler

Fee:  $10

Ages: 8-14 or 3rd-8th grade.

Educaching is combining geocaching (finding hidden items using a GPS unit) and academic subjects.  The kids will learn to use a GPS unit to locate certain points for an activity that are based on a particular subject like math, science, or language arts.  We will be spending a good portion of our time outside so be prepared for all kinds of weather!  There will be walking, running, and even some sports activity involved.


Group Dance

Mrs. Pittman and Levi Pittman

Fee: None

Ages: 11 and up or grades 6th- 12th

Ever wanted to go to an English country/folk dance but had no idea if you would be able to learn the dances?  Well here is your chance to learn.  We will be focusing on one dance a month to master and as we progress incorporate review of previous dances learned.  By the end of the year, you will be well equipped to put on your own barn dance or at least attend one with confidence.  Hey maybe we can even talk one of the parents into hosting a dance for an end of the year party.  Join us for what will be a good time and some physical education credit =)


Nature Journaling

Mrs. Lewis

Fee: $11 as well as some basic supplies

Ages: 3rd – 12th

Enjoy learning to sharpen your observation skills and put them down on paper, through Nature Journaling.  We will focus on many different layers in creating an art journal of your experiences with nature.  This is about learning to see and document the beauty of God's creation right around you.  Subjects touched upon will include handwriting, botany, sketching, collecting specimens and more.


Learning with Lego

Mr. Chiles

Fee: none

Ages: 11 and up, or 6th-12th grade

Want to do stuff with Lego?  We will look at how to design and build 3-dimensional Lego sculptures, build mosaics, build Lego trains, learn advanced building techniques, learn about Lego motors & electric systems, about online Lego resources, how to design your own Lego directions and experiment with methods to shoot Lego bricks across the room.  This class will be flexible depending on student desires and needs.


Book Club/Snack Time 10:15-10:35 AM


Book club is divided into grade/interest levels.  Each student will have an opportunity to report on a book that he or she has recently read.  This can be in a variety of forms, for example, an oral report, picture, description of favorite character, or book recommendation.   Bring your own snack if you would like.


Book Club Nursery

Mrs. Roewe



Teacher TBA


3rd- 4th

Mrs. Hanna



Teacher TBA


7th –12th Guys

Mr. Chiles


7th-12th Gals

Mrs. Kindler


Session II 10:40-11:30 AM


Session II Nursery

Teacher TBA

Fee: None


The Five Senses and Germ Invaders

Mrs. Enyeart

Fee: $3

Ages: K-2nd

We will explore our 5 senses through hands-on experiments, literature, games and song.  We will also learn about germs and learn how to become germ superheroes.  We will learn how to protect ourselves using hand washing, nutrition, exercise and other defensive maneuvers (covering our coughs etc.)    


Maps and Survey

Mrs. Oliver

Fee: $5

Ages: 1st -6th

This class incorporates basic geography with local history, for example, Lewis and Clark, Klickitat county history, and other map related activities.  We may have speakers to share how they incorporate maps and surveys into their job.  Hands-on activities will be emphasized.


Hair Styling Basics

Mrs. Kerns

Fee: $5

Ages: 3rd-12th

Learn the basics of hair care, styling products, how to create fun hairstyles, and much more!



Mrs. Sharp

Fee: None, assuming books are available at the library

Ages: 7th-12th

Many of us and our kids love reading, but do we really stop and think about what we are reading?  Why did George Orwell write Animal Farm?  What can we learn from Oliver Twist?  Why is Shakespeare so popular?  What is satire?  Or a theme?  Or an antagonist?  What does the Bible say about the issues brought up in the "classics"? If you love to read, enjoy discussion, and want to dig a little deeper, come learn with us!  I hope to include a work by Shakespeare, a work by Dickens, a biography or autobiography, a comedy, and a long "hard" book this year, and also enjoy some snacks appropriate to what we are discussing.


Model Building

Mr. Oliver, Zachary, and Matthew Griffin

Fee: $5 for glue/paint + Provide your own model to put together. 

There will be paints available in class, but if you want a particular color, you will need to provide your own.

Ages: 6th-12th or teacher permission

Each student will be putting together their own plastic model.  It can be a glued or snap-tight model.  Instruction will center on directions, learning techniques, painting, etc.  If you would like information about how to acquire an appropriate model, email Mr. Oliver at ddoliver@embarqmail.com



Mrs. Gray

Fee: $80 includes supplies for all projects

Ages: 4th-12th

In this mixed media class, students will be learning a variety of techniques and skills.  Expect to put in some time outside of co-op if you want to get the most out of your class.


Large Group Games 11:35-12:15 PM


Mrs. Griffin and parents not involved in clean-up or with nursery aged kids

Fee: None

Ages: All (everyone older than nursery)


Clean-up 12:15-12:30 PM


We will have a cleaning list similar to last year’s.  Each family should sign up at least once.  If you can’t be there on your month, please find a replacement.